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Poems of Isolation

Poetry helps me understand complex emotions amid chaos.

Following are my poems written during this isolation season- starting with the most recent.

I'd recommend writing a poem to anyone.

It unwinds the mind.


Anxiety Assessed

Sun awoke said, “Hello.”

Bird symphony another day,

In this hazy way.

Nature’s token dipped into hear—

My soul has spoken.

Heavy breeze,

Morphing me with the trees.

Gopher nibble,

Giving silence a nimble place

To rest my thoughts.

Nothing is required.

When the world has stopped.


Is it the unnecessary caffeine?

Or the uncertain pain?

Or my continual inability to make eggs?

Skimming my brain

Dreading my thoughts.

Vitamin D:

After I race the clock

To finish the wash

Sanitize the sinks

Ponder my thoughts.

Am I ready? Will you see through me? Let go and move me?

Because I’m not good enough? Remind me it's all in my head.

No words you ever said.

Is it selfish? Better in a feline infested

One room cottage—with a garden?

I’m an amateur,

Of that I am sure.

Wannabes fly by.

Leave me with one trickle in the eye.

Maybe nothing is good enough.

How far does my reward system get me? A few likes and freckles

Equals inches stepped

While all I’m seeing is miles to go.

Looking at the distance

When right in front of me is all I'll ever know.


Rose petals fogging up my glass.

Words I can’t express,

Tantrums never had.

Words misspoken: I don’t want to give birth,

During Covid.

Just grandiose thinking now knocked down,

My hole in the ground can’t match

The height of their plans.

My silence in sadness,

Cause nothing to control.

Nothing to savor,

When left all alone.

Steam away the excess,

Breath in the sentence.

Rose petals left

When the waves take my entrance.


One pill down,


No solutions found.

My love in a cookie,

All that it can be—

When nothing is free.

Nothing more for the poor.

Nothings right with new waves outside.

Up the slope,

Down will we ever go!

Watch Georgia,

The other state,

Following their own way.

Privatize mail? It seems unjust.

Why must our rights be our cause?

When we yell—anger applauds.

Dumbo like Flaws

Corrupt entertainment,

Energy bat,

Sucking the hours of what we have.


Dissolve my day,

Dissolve meaning to stay.

Just one pill makes the pain go away.


Flowers on my mind.

Okay to be wrong this time.

My love’s hand in mine.

Bronchial solutions

Capitalism gone splat.

Going places without moving.

Abundance without motion.

From chaos to insanity:

Have you lost your way?

Drink down your disinfectant

Cleanse some bodies away.

Into the ground

As misleading direction resounds.

A few hours in deception

Can change a whole town.

A life, a breath,

Lost moments to connect.

The screen way. The only way.

Letters gone postal

Count down ‘til we have

A reason to come back.

Responsibility giving

To where we came from.

Meaning to what we have,

Purpose to what we’ve done.


Each leaf falling,

Its own unique way.

Simple back and forth flutter,

Down the spacious route of time.

Ticking energy always running out.

Divine? Just unwind.

It’s okay to doubt.

Consider a new route.

As body in spirit.

We elegantly glide.

Passage to the wise.

The rest will realize—

The last ones out,

Weren’t considering how.

Visitations from antimatter,

Space taken, Collide in our path.

Searching inclination

Of your being’s sensations.

Healthy habit to give what you have.

Honest to sublime:

You are right on time.


Pain you come,

Pain you sway,

Sometimes you stay all day.

Or all night

Just to fright.

Brain overdrive

Lingering on why.

Desperate how

An ease can help:





Remember how to sip with glee.

Been poor before

In wallet and health

Sometimes the best

Is when you

Cry out for help.

Abundance gives

Ask it how.


Nothing in grasp,

Yet evenly we have come,

Before the feet

Of the one.



Holy state

Holy hell

Rising to meet our fate.

Lose yourself

Your mind, your sun

Until breath is done.


Drifting away to better days,

Brighter smiles,

More escapes.

Back at home

One less dollar

Keeping us in.

Louder laughter

From facing our dark sides.

Tough spots

Accepting what we’re not.

Forgiving helps.

Strength as an ocean

How deep is your well?

Days numbered--

Just to track they happened.

Time elusive; gained and obtuse.

Losing when you fall

Into repetitive motion

Without movement.

Searching for meanings

In body and mind.

Accept spirit—

You need stillness

To hear it.


Everyone lookin’ at me like I’m famous,

Yet, here I am aimless.

Dark night of the soul?

Try dark knight of the sun.

It’s like some underworld kind of fun.

A shadow self,

Back from hell,

Deeper reach into

Pain’s endless dream.

Hope only in the heat,

Belief in the breeze,

Joy in the walk,

Of ticked time inside

Hermits hideout.

Eventually we sprout.

How deep is my soil?

I'll swallow and toil.

Big gulp to ask--

Just born to be wild.


Depth of Joy

Showing up in Sorrow.

Pray for tomorrow.

In a way, all time borrowed.

A flash of what you will have.

If you see through pain,

There can be fire in rain.

Heat after ice.

Let nothing stop you

From opening your eyes.

Step back

See depth from both sides.

No joy without sorrow

And no sorrow without joy.

Lift off, haphazard

And fly.


The bees in the field

Fighting me for daffodils.

If all is meaningless then Why am I here?

Resurrection unclear.

Anger at the sound,

Hating holidays all year round.

Hard to praise,

When the only thing certain is breath.

No eggs to break.

Making them wait,

So, I can stop my hate,

I need to forget, but how?

I can’t even explain,

The depth of this pain. Try not to think

But tears come any way.

I want to make clear,

Just cut the ties

Of other spirits that hide.

Spinning a circle free

Pretending to be—



Lose respect,

Lose connection