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10 FAQs with a Psychic Reader

Updated: May 26

10 Frequently Asked Questions with Psychic Tarot Reader Amma.

(Mostly for the religious folks; written in 2020)

Question 1: Are you a psychic?

Amma: I do not refer to myself as a psychic except for business marketing, because it is the easiest way to explain what I do. I believe I am a spirit reader with a psychic/prophetic gift. I am trained to access this gift as needed to help others when invited. I do not walk around reading people's minds all the time, because it would be exhausting. I instead use my psychic gifts when I am welcomed into someone’s spiritual space. When someone allows me to read cards for them it opens up their higher self to me and through my spirit, I can interpret pictures, feelings, thoughts coming forward in their spirit, brought out by suggestion of the cards. I simply am a vessel to pass the information along. I do believe that everyone can grow their own psychic ability by becoming closer to their spirit. I will admit my psychic gift started with experiences of looking at strangers and knowing details about them for no reason at random times, but now as my gift has matured, I keep it focused on helping people and not invading anyone’s privacy, unless truly needed. I grew up in a strong Christian community so I also, know the negative connotations many have against the word psychic, which has made me weary of the title, but I can no longer hide my gifts because helping others grow spiritually is my life’s desire. I have studied the 78 Tarot cards for over 10 years and each card has specific meaning, I use this knowledge along with my intuitive gift to interpret what the person being read for needs to hear. Through the art of the Tarot, the knowledge I have of the cards, numerology, astrology and meditating on the pool of the collective unconscious (Carl Jung) I am able to use my claircognizance to help bring forth information from the past, present, and future. I have always been able to see visions, pictures, and dreams of the future for myself and others. It has been years of training in both prophecy with Christian teachers as well as following clairvoyant mentors in the Tarot to trust that my gift can be used to help spiritually awaken others.

So, if you see me on the street, don’t expect me to know everything about you, but if you choose to have a reading I will bring out the truth of what your spirit wants you to know.

Q2: Is Tarot Reading involved with occult, wiccan or satanism?

Amma: I am not involved with any occult, wiccan or satanism. Many western religions have been taught to group Tarot Cards with occult, wiccans, or satanists, but I would equate it to saying, “candles are only used for satanic rituals.” Which is not true, candles are used in catholic churches as well as pagan ceremonies. Tarot is its own art form and can be used in a wide variety of sects, religions, cults and by mystics of any kind. I personally do not subscribe to any formal group. I enjoy learning about different religions and groups from around the world to add to my spiritual knowledge. This spiritual education gives me language to help an array of people with my gift. However, I am careful with dark magic and groups related to practicing black magic. I do believe there is a spiritual reality, and it is necessary to keep a space clear. I do not invite dark energies or spirits in. I always cleanse and protect myself and my space. I begin every reading with palo santo and prayers.

Q3: Are you New Age?

Amma: I have always been confused when religious folk ask me if I am New Age. New Age is a blanket term for anyone who incorporates spirituality into their life but does not subscribe to any specific religion. In Western culture, it has been my experience that if you do any traditions, rituals, worship, or follow philosophies of spiritualists, astrologers or eastern religions, but do not claim that religion as your one path then you are involved in New Age. Basically, it seems like New Age is a term for religious people to classify other spiritual people by putting them in a specific box. I am not sure why it is necessary to define your path toward truth so explicitly. I do not claim to be New Age. It seems that many would call me New Age though for their own comfort of classification, which is fine, we must find language for things we do not yet know. I am still working to determine what New Age even is myself; If you have a better definition of what New Age is please message me!

Q4: How can you predict the future?

Amma: It all comes down to my belief in time. As hard as it is to grasp, I do not believe time is linear, therefore I believe my spirit can access information from spirits and the collective unconscious from different points in time. It is a wild concept but get a reading with me and find out if I can predict your upcoming events correctly. This is where faith does come into what I do. I grew up in the Christian religion and ever since I was young, I could pray over people and tell them events, themes, and details about their past, present and future. Throughout my life many people have returned to me expressing my predictions were correct—this was many years before I began my work with the Tarot.

I also study what astrology is doing currently. Through these themes and planetary movements, I get a sense of what energies are passing through for most people, which can make it easier to identify what a person is going through individually.

Q5: How did you find out you could predict the future?

Amma: I began with small predictions and noticing premonitions no matter how small. Guessing the exact number of m&m’s in the jar, predicting what time someone would call, guessing who was calling before looking, fun little games like that, that many of you may have experienced as well—it is a gift that can be grown with practice. I believe practicing predictions came easy to me due to my extensive learning in prayer and meditation. I learned to pray to God when I was incredibly young. When I would pray, I would silence my mind, meditate on nothingness, letting go fully of my thoughts and ego, allowing space for God to speak to me. It worked. I received much information unknown to me during prayers about my future, and about others. I believe this is meditation. Clearing your mind of thoughts and ego enables anyone to get clearer information from their higher source or spirit. I have made many successful decisions from purely these premonitions alone. I loved hearing from God and would ask about everything. The more I asked to know the more frequent premonitions would come to me. I was an only child, which could have added to my obsession with talking to someone who was not there in physical form.

Q6: Do you communicate with spirits that have passed?

Amma: I have the gift of mediumship, yes, but I am always slow to use this gift in an interaction. Due to my past with religion and communicating with spirits, I am always careful to allow spirits to come forth and bring energy into my space. In the last few years I have found several mentors that have helped guide me to keep my space sacred and clear of negative energies. If led, before readings I will cleanse the space and welcome passed spirits to speak that know the person I am reading for. I have had passed spirits walk into a reading with people and if that happens I tend to acknowledge their presence and ask if they have anything to add to the reading. If you are lucky or by request, I may be willing to attempt communicating with your passed loved ones. The spirits do not always come forward when called and can never guarantee an interaction with a spirit.

Q7: Are you a witch? Do you cast spells?

Amma: No. I do not claim to be a witch, although many people do enjoy classifying me as such, which is their prerogative. I do not cast spells. I do spiritual rituals, creating and following poetic mantras and prayers. I have spent much of my life determining the most useful mantras. I personally use mantras to get through many different mental blockages. I believe that when our human minds run rampant, a mantra to repeat and focus on can redirect our energies in the right direction. I have many mantras associated with specific Tarot cards. You may see other readers offer to cast spells for you, these are often psychic readers that do participate in witchcraft of some kind. I do not participate in witchcraft of any kind. I use the Tarot as a tool to read people’s spirits. I use flowers, oils, candles, incense, and sage in my practice to keep my space cleansed. I do not cast spells— good or bad— for myself or on another person. I do not follow any dark magic. I know it exists and others who read tarot may participate with this black magic, but I do not. I think as a general rule, before you get a reading ask your spirit if this is a good reader for you to talk with, if there is darkness involved you will feel it, then find a different reader. I do everything I can to remain light and positive in my spiritual practice seeking guidance from my higher sources, my angels, and my higher self. I have seen dark doors opened in the past and it can be scary. I aim to cast out evil spirits, keep away darkness, and help anyone seeking truth find the light. If you believe you are struggling with possession, oppression or repetitive negative energies feel free to reach out and I will evaluate if I can help you. I am very weary of letting anything enter my space that does not need to be there. I am open to talking to those who need guidance with darkness surrounding them.

Q8: Do your predictions always come true?

Amma: All is up for interpretation. There are times my interpretation of future energy will not be spot on, but the situation will follow in a similar fashion. I explain my work as an interpretation of spirit. Often, the future or emotion of the future will come in a picture or a vision, I can tell you what I am seeing or understanding, but the outcome may not make sense until it arrives. In my life I’ve had visions that gave me knowledge of what is to come, but I didn’t understand exactly what it meant until it happened. For example, I had a tarot/palm reading in summer of 2019 and the reader said my partner would be someone from my past that comes back into my life. She also said I would have my own business, but not until I was with that partner. I dated one person from my past, that came and went, and I wondered if she was wrong or if it wasn’t supposed to end, it wasn’t until a different person came back into my life that I realized what she was talking about and with this person’s energy and advice I began my Tarot Reading business, which had not even been a thought in my head during her reading. Sometimes readings will give you an idea, that could be played out in multiple ways. I would say my predictions are more of energetic guidance than exact events. There are times I see exact events play out for people, but often I would tell those being read for to tuck the future knowledge away until the time of its fruition, but believe the energy behind what the card wants you to know. I like to explain my work as suggestive therapy into a potential future. There is still free will for you to make your path. Decisions are still yours to make, finding out future events can help you know if your desires are possible or what to be weary of, but it still takes action to make things happen.

Q9: Do you believe life is predestined or based on our free will?

Amma: I love this debate. I believe it is a mix of both. I continue to study these countering ideas, learning how they work together to make reality. I believe in reincarnation; therefore, I believe your soul has a journey to accomplish. To me, this journey could spread among lifetimes. I believe many of us feel a pull, especially those who are aware of their spiritual energy now, toward a specific kind of purpose or destiny. Yet, there are so many aspects to our human lives that we have much to learn. Therefore, I think everyday is a free will choice to follow our predestined purpose or to wait. When we do not put our focus and energy into our purpose then it is “paused,” and it could be paused until our next lifetime. It’s as if our soul’s predestination does not care how long it takes, but it is still always on track toward its destiny. For example, soulmates, have you ever met someone and felt like you have known them before. When this happens, you have a choice to explore this relationship, to see if this spirit recognition is from the a past life, a future life, or a relationship you are to pursue in the present. If you feel this connection, but ignore it completely, it is okay, because your souls will meet again, perhaps later in this lifetime or the next or perhaps this was a connection from a past lifetime waking your spirit up to remember your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. With this duality, I believe you never miss out on anything destined for you, because you have the free will of using time however you would like. I believe people come to me and I see their soul purpose, they feel connected to it, but its possible they leave and never pursue this destiny before they die. I do not believe we are limited by the time we have here to accomplish our goals, but the sooner we do pursue these destinies the more awakened we will become, the more successful and influential we will become. I believe success comes with listening within. Act Free and Ask for Destiny.

Q10: Why are you pursuing this work as a Tarot Reader and have you gotten backlash from

people in your religious past?

Amma: Many see my work as taboo. I have received many messages of Bible verses expressing that fortune telling is a sin. I have a great deal of respect for the energy the Bible brings, but those presenting it can be very divisive toward the human spirit, forcing individuals to make unnecessary decisions about their beliefs—we are all still learning and growing and should not feel forced to choose one way as the only way, especially when guilt is followed up by making the “wrong choice.”

I always feel a bit confused when receiving this biblical criticism, because what I do now is exactly like what I used to do in church when laying hands on people and praying over them. Now I just use cards to bring up what is already there. The gift can be with or without the Tarot cards, the cards are just a tool to connect and communicate. In church I was called a prophet, but now that I do not subscribe to a specific religion many people from my past are worried about my soul. I am not worried about my soul. My pursuit is to know truth. Everyday I seek truth, I ask God, the universe, and my higher sources to show me the best way to live and believe. I personally do not believe in hell, which may be why I do not fear what religious folks tell me. I do believe in Heaven and I do believe we all go there in some form. Our spirits will leave our bodies and go to a perfect peaceful place, whatever that means to you. I believe we visit this heaven before we reincarnate and eventually, we will all end up in the most perfect nirvana once our soul destinies are fulfilled and can fully rest in peace.

Every time someone tells me what I do lets in the devil or demons I sage the entire house. Please, pray for me to know truth if you are worried about me instead of wishing evil spirits to visit me. I keep doors closed to evil spirits and do not appreciate people sending them my way, because I am challenging their understanding of truth. We are all seeking truth, you do not have to agree with me, but please do not wish bad upon me.

I do this work to help people and it has, I do my best to remain as unbiased as possible to peoples personal belief systems and I ask that you do the same for me. If you have questions, please ask kindly, I love conversations of learning from one another not angry debates with the intention of conversion. As human beings we must accept we do not all hold the same convictions, but sources of truth can come in unexpected ways.

Photos by Stellar Studios Photography

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