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Meet Amma


     Amber Marie (Amma) Buchanan is a Intuitive Guide native to eastern Washington. She uses the modalities of Tarot Reading, Mediumship and being a Reiki Master to guide you into opening up your spirit for healing. She has been reading Tarot for 10+ years and loves to share her knowledge and understanding with those looking for spiritual guidance at any point in their life journey. Amma has made it her life goal to understand spirit and help others gain clarity. Open to all spiritual beliefs, she encourages healing in the way the individual needs. When you enter into a reading with Amma you enter a judgment free zone focused on communicating only helfpul truth.


     Her entire life has been one long spiritual journey, from being raised christian, following charismatic christianity into missionary school in Hawaii, to moving to Los Angeles and participating in Hinduism practice and studying buddhist philosophy. Amma does not claim a specific religion, but instead beleives all belief systems have something to offer us. 


    Helping people get through tough spots is her forte and she wants to help you in your decisions (love, work, home, family, spiritual awakening...) with her gift of reading spirits. Set up a reading to meet her and get inspired! 

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